Affordable and Convinent Auto Finance Solution

Everyone can own a Car, but not everyone knows how to do so without putting a hole in their pocket, that’s why Carki is here.

Auto Finance

We provide affordable, flexible and convenient auto financing options for individuals and corporate organizations so that owning a car is no longer a life long dream but a dream come through without putting a hole in your pocket and denying you the opportunity to live other aspects of your life


Whether short or long term, you can make use of Carki Lease on any Car of your choice. Its affordable, convenient and flexible. Ideal for Platform Drivers, Individuals who are visiting town for a short period or anyone who doesn’t want to be bugged down with owning a Car at the moment


Carki offers Car Hire Services to Individuals and Corporate Organizations on an hourly/daily rate. We differ from ride hailing apps in that you are able to select the type of Car you want and Driver you want giving you the absolute power to choose how you arrive at your desired destination. Our Car Hire Services are also available for Intra and Inter State Trips as well